How To Start A Garden

When we want to have fresh fruits and vegetables it is a good idea to grow them ourselves.  With the personal garden we are able to grow as little or as much as we would like.  For those that are interested in growing large gardens a double bale hay spear may be a piece of equipment you should purchase.  For the home garden however, this is not needed.

Find your area

double bale hay spear

You want to find the perfect area to plant your garden.  The location should be an area of the yard that gets good sunlight in the morning and shade in the afternoon.  The key to growing a great garden is to have an even concentration of sun and darkness.

Another thing that you want to keep in mind is the amount of water in that area.  If your yard or area gets a lot of rain and collects water, you might want to consider finding another area or planting vegetables that thrive on water.  You also want to make sure that you monitor your crop regularly to ensure that the water dry mixture is balanced.

Fertilize the area

Your vegetables will need food as well.  The best food for your vegetables is fertilizer.  Fertilizer is concentrated minerals and other compounds that will help the plants grow.  You want to have good nutrient rich fertilizer when you start your garden.  Since the seeds will soak up these contents, it is best to have them at the start of your garden.


You want to make sure that animals stay away from your plants.  Creating fencing and doing other detraction to deter the animals will help ensure that your plants will have a chance to grow.  There will be many animals trying to get your food. Do your best to protect them.

Once your garden is ready, harvest and enjoy the fruits and vegetables of your labor.