How Can I Tell Mosquito Bites Apart From Other Bug Bites?

Insect bites can often look similar when you are looking at them on your skin. They can be itchy, making you want to scratch and having you looking for the anti-itch cream as fast as you can. Sometimes, it will come in handy to be able to tell what sort of insect caused a certain bite. This is especially true when certain insects are known to carry diseases that can be communicable to humans through bites.

This is definitely something you will want to keep in mind when it comes to mosquitoes, which are known for carrying a few different diseases and transmitting them through bites to humans, notably the zika and West Nile viruses.

So, how do you tell a mosquito bite apart from other bites when you are looking your body over? it’s quite simple.

Look at the Placement

Mosquito bites will normally be in seemingly random spots, while other bug bites can often be concentrated into one specific zone of your body, even showing up in small clusters. A mosquito bite will usually be a little bigger, as well, in comparison to smaller looking bites from other insects.

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Pay Attention to the Bump

A mosquito bite will turn into a hard and itchy little bump that looks reddish-brown in appearance. This usually happens about 24 hours after the initial bite, and can be very itchy. To keep it from slowing down the healing process, you should make sure you do everything you can to avoid scratching. You can use an anti-itch cream to help you relieve the urge to scratch so you can let the bite begin to heal.

If you’re having frequent problems with mosquitoes around your home, then you should get in touch with local mosquito control sulphur professionals to wipe out the mosquitoes in your yard, allowing you to finally have a good time outside without becoming dinner for several buzzing mosquitoes.