Coq10 Side Effects

Coq10 Side Effects and Their Care

coq10 side effectsPeople usually surprise to hear about CoQ10 side effects as it is considered as a useful nutritional element already present in one’s body. But like most of the health supplements that are beneficial to one’s body have certain negative effects, similarly CoQ10, even being very important for one’s health and metabolism, has some side effects.

But before discussing the side effects of CoQ10 one must know something about it. In fact, CoQ10, Coenzyme Q10, is a naturally found vitamin like substance in every human being. It is used by the body cells to generate energy for usual functioning of the body and also works as antioxidant to take care of heart and other vital parts of the body. It is also useful for supporting your immune system, muscular disorders and periodontal disorders etc. The importance of CoQ10, naturally present in your body, can be obvious from the fact that deficiency of this content affects your health and general appearance. Its effects are seen in the aging bodies, muscle development, functioning of metabolism etc. Moreover natural production of Coq10 declines in the body as the age increases and for that reason people across the world had started taking CoQ10 supplements to make up its deficiency in their body.

Probable CoQ10 side effects

Alike other health supplements, CoQ10 supplements contain several potential side effects to adversely effect the usual consumers of these supplements. Though, CoQ10 is a very useful component for one’s body but if you are using its supplements for the first time then you should consult your doctor before starting it. In normal conditions CoQ10 side effects are rare and negligible but as every product reacts differently with every different body similarly these supplements can also react differently with individual body. Usually noticed side effects of CoQ10 include nausea, dizziness, headaches and insomnia which may appear differently in different persons. Moreover people suffering with diabetic problems should also take CoQ10 supplements carefully as the level of glucose in one’s body decreases with the consumption of this supplement. the supplements of CoQ10 also interferes in the working of certain blood thinning medicines, so people using these medicines should also consult their physicians before starting the use of these supplements.

Though these side effects are not so serious in nature but one must consult his medical practitioner if the problem persists for longer period. If you are already continuing some prescription then you should positively consult your medical care provider before starting the use of CoQ10 supplement to avoid any occurrence of side effects as they effect the use of medicine for diabetes, blood thinning etc.

Till now it has not been declared authentically that how much CoQ10 is necessary for one’s body but even then experts had advised to maintain the level by taking 30 to 100 milligram everyday as per the need of one’s body. Higher doses of CoQ10 supplements are usually consumed by the people who suffer with the problems of congestive heart failure, angina, kidney failure or Parkinson’s disease containing 150 to 200 milligram per day. Though in normal routine dose upto 400 milligram per day is not considered to show any side effects but you are not advised to take such a high dose unless recommended by the competent doctor.

Taking care of Mild CoQ10 Side Effects

As per studies the CoQ10 side effects need no special attention as most of them including vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, loss of appetite, rash, headache, skin itching, sensitivity to light, fatigue or flu-like symptoms, dizziness, irritability etc. can get cured in normal routine. Special care in this respect is needed only if the problems prolong continuously. Though CoQ10 helps in reducing the requirement of insulin for the patients of diabetes but its supplements should be taken with care as it can reduce the level of sugar below the minimum required to be normal. They must be vigilant to their serum sugar level while taking CoQ10 supplements. The blood pressure reduce feature of CoQ10 supplements is also beneficial for the patients suffering from high blood pressure but even then it should be used carefully as the pressure may not get reduced below the required level.

Thus, though CoQ10 side effects are not that much conspicuous but even then its supplements must be used carefully with the guidance of your medical practitioner.